Shakespeare and punk.

The 13th Annual Renaissance Workshops & Symposium, 2016

Renaissance Symposium is a place where everyone who loves being a part of Renaissance Events can come together to be inspired for the coming year of shows. Learn something new, or refresh yourself on some of the basics of improvisation, acting that could help you the next time you will interact with patrons at faire. Hear from others on BFA, history of the Renaissance, improv, costuming, engage in interactive presentations and make connections with friends, other guild members and colleagues. Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired for the coming year….

The annual event will be held March 5th and 6th, 2016 in Folsom High School, Folsom, CA. The weekend-long workshop & symposium is geared toward faire participants, vendors, playtrons and anyone else interested learning about fitting into the Renaissance atmosphere. Also, if you’re looking for a guild or thought about joining the cast of these types of shows, join us and see what it takes us to prepare for the season.

If you have experience and knowledge in related informational areas, you are encouraged to participate as both speakers and discussants. Class submissions are still being accepted and will be vetted before they’re posted to make sure that the classes offered are of quality and on point.

Location: Folsom High School, Folsom, California

Date & Time: March 5-6, 2016, 9:00am – 6:00pm 

Pricing: $15 until March 1st, 2016
$20 after online and at the registration desk

Elements of the Conference:

    • Workshops
      • BFA: Basic Faire Accent
      • Improv in the Street
      • Characterization
      • Costuming
      • And Many More…
    • Event Producers And Staff
      Both closed and open sessions for event producers to come together to talk about the ongoing challenges and various business aspects of creating and delivering quality shows for today’s audiences.
    • Vendors
      If you’re a new vendor, or an old hat, come learn some new tricks, and explore how others are facing the challenge of connecting patrons to their wares.
    • Panels
      Hear theatrical directors, vendor coordinators, site managers, and more talk about their views and wish lists for the upcoming year.
    • Guild Recruiting
      (for those interested in joining, or those looking to see what else is out there)

      • Costuming, weapons, accessories
    • Roundtable Sessions
      • Guild masters: Playing nice with others
      • Event Coordinators: Pulling it all together
      • Vendors: Getting it right from the start

Our main conversation page about the Symposium is held on Facebook